Freedom Jars

Greek Harvested Blonde Olives - Organic


Harvested from family orchards in Greece, they are handpicked to avoid bruising and traditionally cured in a brine of sea salt, local spring water, and organic vinegar.

These olives are known as Royal Olives because of their size.  Big, fleshy and crispy. With limited availability in Canada, these olives are a Blue Ocean Product.

A fermented food that is keto-friendly and vegan. These olives have a final sodium content of only 2%. Unlike other brands, which often have final sodium levels in excess of 4%.


  • Free of chemicals or pesticides
  • Free of caustic sodas or dyes
  • 100% Organic


Delivery in Toronto & Southern Ontario. Pick up available in Toronto.

Order by 10am for next day delivery. Deliveries are made Mondays through Fridays in the GTA and Tuesdays through Thursdays outside of the GTA.

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