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Cali Berry - Snack Size


Looking for a great vegan breakfast idea? The Cali Berry snack size is delicious and healthy, packed with protein, lasting carbs and a great source of calcium. This vegan parfait is bursting with fruity flavours and has many health benefits. The gluten free oats will help keep you energized throughout your day, while the perfect balance of fibre in the fruit and healthy fats from the coconut will keep you feeling full and satisfied.


INGREDIENTS: Vegan Coconut Yogurt, Raspberry Purée, Pecan & Cashew Granola (GF), Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Medjool Dates, Slivered Almonds and Shaved Coconut.

Vegan. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Soy Free. Sustainable Packaging.

Shelf life: 6 days

Snack Size: 250ml


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